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Original PooPurse

The very first PooPurse created! We’ll need a few modifications done to it before it goes into production, and may even use a different color scheme, but here it is!

Sample PooPurse

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Discount Purses for Dog Lovers

Get a Cool Discount PurseOk, we realize that when you searched for discount purses, this probably isn’t what you were looking for, right?  But, the awesome thing is, you’re here, you’re probably a dog lover, and you have a chance to find really cute and funky discount purses that you can take with you on your dog walks! Check out our PooPurse Designs!

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Cheaper than Most Discount Purses

How many times have you been out walking your dog and ran into a neighbor while you were carrying that little blue bag of dog poo?  Wouldn’t it be great if you’d had a place to hide the mess before you  ran into Bill and his wife?  The PooPurse let’s you do just that!  Just pick it up, zip it up, and dispose of it later.  And at about $30, you might as well say that it’s a discount purse, because how often do you get to use your Coach purse that cost you about $300?  We’re guessing not that often, right? […]

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