Dog Agility – Some Practical Hints

If you need your puppy to be able to compete in dog agility shows, you may have quite an endeavor ahead of you. If you would like it to be a rewarding experience for you personally, the dog owner, as well as your dog, there are only a few tips you might want to take advantage of. Teaching your dog agility tricks properly is important to having an enjoyable experience teaching him as opposed to a frustrating time which serves only to produce tension between you and your dog.

First of all, even before you begin dog agility training with your pet, you ought to have him or her medically examined. Your four-legged friend may not be up to this kind of exercise if his health just isn’t in prime condition. You will never know if your pet finds it difficult to breathe when exerting elevated amounts of energy right up until it truly is too late. If his joints tend to be sensitive or even injured, he’ll almost certainly find it difficult to prepare as an agility dog as well. As a result, you’ll want to secure your vet’s seal of approval prior to starting looking for coaches.

After that, you should start coaching your dog when he or she is young. You realize the old saying, and the fact remains that it really is more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. This is comparable to humans, as new material will be assimilated more quickly in younger minds. Plus, with the energy of young pups, you will find a naturally-willing subject on your hands if you begin dog agility training early.

Subsequently, there is a need to find appropriate agility equipment to teach your dog on. Typical props can include tunnels, posts, steps, ramps, seesaws, as well as barriers fabricated from PVC pipes. The simplest way to begin your dog’s training is with a pro. Unless you have many years of practical experience with agility training, you could quickly become discouraged without having the expertise of a pro. Agility training is a continuous thing, just like mastering a new language, and if allowed to wane, your pup may well forget the finer points of his instruction.

To summarize, you have the potential to coach a great agility dog when you begin in the best place at the proper time. Begin teaching when the dog is well less than 1 year old as well as under the supervision of a professional dog agility instructor. You will help your dog become more fit, disciplined in other areas of his life, and your efforts actually have the potential to earn you prizes at competitive events.

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