Clutch Purses for Dog Walks

Dog Walkers Love Clutch PursesClutch purses were our inspiration for our designs, because we wanted something small, discrete, and stylish, that could still be sold at discount prices. Like we mentioned often on this site, how often do you get to take out your babies from Coach and Dolce & Gabbana because you’re worried that they might get ruined and the $300 you spent on it will have been a total waste?

What’s the Difference Between a PooPurse and Other Clutch Purses?

They’re obviously unlike any others on the market because it’s, well, designed to carry doggie doo! With a vinyl interior lining, you don’t have to worry about the external material getting contaminated, or ruining any personal items that you’re carrying with you. The pockets are all external, so none of the stuff you’re carrying will ever come in contact with it. Plus, (we’re officially still working on the design) one of the ends of the PooPurse will be made of mesh for ventilation. 

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The Benefits of PooPurse Clutch Purses

Sounds pretty neat, right? Whether you live in the city or across from a park that seems to have a frightening lack of trash cans, or whether you just have a bad memory and are consistently forgetting to go back and pick up your little buddy’s bag of business, we’re positive this will come in handy on your dog walks. These clutch purses are also perfect for professional dog walkers. Part of their business IS dog business! So if you know a dog walker, we’d love for you to recommend us!

Don’t you think these folks could use a few PooPurses in Downtown Manhattan?

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Head on over to the PooPurse main page to check out some more information about all the benefits they provide, and have a look at our PooPurse Designs for our clutch purses and let us know what you think in the survey!

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