Keep Your Dog’s “Business” Private!

Avoid those awkward neighborhood moments…


…and Walk Your Dog In Style!

When you’re out on walk with your pup, how often do you dread running into the neighbors while you’re carrying that little blue bag of dog poo?  Or ditch it in a bush just so you don’t have to be seen, and then forget it by the time you get home?  Now all you have to do is pick it up, zip it up, and enjoy the rest of your time out!  (Don’t worry, it’ll have a protective lining.)

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No more carrying your dog’s business around in the open until you can get to a trash can

No more embarrassing moments of running into a neighbor while you hold that little blue bag

No more looking for a place to hide it while you finish your walk

A handy bag dispenser pouch for easy access

A convenient side pocket to stash your keys, credit cards, and dog treats

A hook to clip on hand sanitizer or to your leash/backpack

Your $200 purse might get to come out once a month. Use this twice a day, every day, for a fraction of the cost.